Buyer Inquiry


Seller Inquiry


Investor Inquiry


Are you currently working with a Realtor to purchase a home?
(It is illegal to represent you, the buyer, if you are already represented buy a Realtor to purchase a home)

Have you already been pre-approved by a lender?
(If not, we can provide you a list of lenders that are in good standing and have an excellent track record of trust
and service)

What is the price range of your budget to purchase a home?

Do you currently have to sell the home you are living in?

Briefly describe your wants/needs in your ideal home.
(i.e., How many Bedrooms & Bathrooms? Schools, Area, Special needs, etc.)


Before an offer can be made on a home you wish to purchase you must have a “proof of funds” or “pre-approved lender-letter” to do so. Also, most sellers require $1,000 in earnest money to make an offer, which will be credited back to you at the time of closing of the purchase of your new home.

Buyer Inquiry


Have you had any upgrades and/or improvements to your home since you purchased it?
If so, please detail them

What was the price you purchased your home for?

What is the “pay-off” amount for your mortgage?
(If you currently have a mortgage with the house you wish to sell)

What is your ideal selling price?
(Tax appraisal value of homes are not the same as a market value appraisal)

Where are you looking to move to?
(Have you secured a place after the selling of your home?)


In the selling of your home, a lockbox will be placed either at the front or rear entrance of your home, that will only be accessed by a security code protocol, in the event the house will be shown, by myself and/or another licensed realtor to prospecting buyers, while you are not home. Not to worry, I will notify you beforehand of every showing and co-efficient your schedule.

Seller Inquiry


Will this be a lender approved or cash investment?

What are you looking to purchase as an investment?
(Lot, Land, Farming, etc.)

What is your cap rate for your investment?

Will this investment-purchase be a personal, a NPO (not-for-profit organization), or by a private company?
(If so, please state)


Depending on how, and what you are buying, and what you will be using the investment purchase for, can be significantly important concerning purchase procedure, and your long-term financials. I work with the best in the business to make sure you are protected and your verticals match your goals. All these details can be exchanged, in person, and for added surety, NDA’s can be in place before we discuss anything.

Investor Inquiry